Chinese Wedding Tradition 1 - Setting a Lucky Date

bridal chaperone chinese tradition chinese wedding setting a lucky date traditional wedding 傳統結婚禮儀 出門 回禮 回門 大妗姐 婚嫁服務 婚禮 安床 敬茶 斟茶 結婚 過大禮

To determine an auspicious date for the wedding, fortune tellers analyzed the dates, days, and times the bride and groom were born. But if you don’t want to go all that trouble, at least avoid the last 15 days of the seventh lunar month, otherwise known as the Hungry Ghost Festival. The last thing you want are famished phantoms at your banquet.

Our chaperone’s service, with some friendly advice, ensures protocol is followed. No worries! Leave it all for us!

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