Hello & welcome to Chinese Wedding! We are an online based service based in Hong Kong and Melbourne, Australia. We specialize in the selling and renting out all things related to Chinese Weddings including traditional dresses, decorations, props and accessories.


Planning and preparing for your wedding ceremony and reception can be stressful enough, organizing and planning a Chinese Wedding on top of it all. Chinese Wedding takes the stress off sourcing your bits and pieces from different suppliers by instead having it all accessible in the one place!


The idea to start our Wedding Business stemmed when our friends were planning their weddings and Chinese Tea Ceremonies and found it difficult to find any appropriate bride's chaperone services, clothes, decorations or accessories. We spoke to friends who had to either fly overseas to Hong Kong or ask overseas relatives to help purchasing certain items for the special occasion.


You might have stumbled across our page hoping to seek some guidance on how Chinese Weddings are conducted or you might just need some last minute extra decorations and props in order to prepare for your special day. Regardless, keeping tradition and honoring your culture and heritage is an important aspect for the family and relatives.


Feel free to browse our page learning and exploring about Chinese Wedding traditions and also renting/buying from our shop with a vast array of affordable decorations, garments and accessories.